Lup'Ingredients is the European specialist of the sweet white lupin. We manage our industrial fields entirely, from the production of seeds to the transformation of these into ingredients.

Lup'Ingredient is part of the group Terrena. We have been working on lupin since 1978. Our activity is the result of many years of research initiated by INRA of Lusignan and followed on within for the GIE Prolupin.

At the beginning of the 90's, we were the first in Europe to develop a range of nutri-functional ingredients from sweet white lupin which we now commercialize in the whole of Europe.


Our values

At Lup'Ingredients we share the values of our group Terrena


With the New Agriculture, we are inventing solutions for the future.
Our priority is to guarantee the safety of food.
Our ambition: to continually renew our expertise.
Our goal: to be present longterm and ensuring you of our proximity and reliability.


The lupin sector

Our difference and our strength: our integrated process from the culture to the transformation of sweet white lupin.

TERRENA combines :
The selection of tomorrow's varieties of sweet white lupin
The culture, under contract, of those varieties retained
The selection and storage of harvested lupin seeds
The transformation of the seeds into nutri-functional ingredients




After having strengthened our conventional lupin industry, the development of an organic range is in our short-term strategy.

Our know-how in terms of conventional lupin being strong, we intend to propose an organic variation and a similar range of ingredients.

Our ambition: to build a lasting collaboration that will assure a resource in invariable and quality raw materials.Through a reciprocated longterm agreement with producers, we will create a dynamic where production will be driven by our opportunities.It will guarantee a preserved traceability, and a qualitative control of our products.