CFIA Show 2019

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After several years, INVEJA decided to to be present at CFIA Show from the 12 to 14 March 2019 in Rennes, France.

This will be the occasion to show you our news & to make you test our new range of plant-based burgers.

We will be very happy to welcome you at our booth Hall 4 - D75!

Lupin is booming !

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German editions RIVA have just published a cookbook 100% dedicated to vegan recipes with lupin. Pancakes, smoothies, gluten free bread, soups. All in all, 55 ideas rich in protein to use lupin ingredients every day.

Shall we eat differently ?

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Since twenty years, our consumption patterns have deeply and permanently changed. Who remembers the time when we didn't have a mobile phone, when we had to get our hands dirty to read newspapers, or decrypt a map to go on vacation... habits have evolved. 

What about the content of our dinner plates tomorrow? 

As is well known, by 2050, we will almost be 10 billion people on Earth. The demand for meat is expected to double to cover the needs of this population, the vegetable protein needs to feed the animals will be monstrous with proven harmful effects to our environment. 

Should we continue on this model or rather all become vegetarians? 

An intermediate vision is emerging right now ie. food transition rebalancing our consumption of meat in favour of vegetable proteins.

Many symposia and roundtables deal with this theme with a general consensus on the need to eat more vegetable protein. Legumes will be a key food to meet this trend: Let there be no doubt, you will hear about lupin in 2015 !



 The number of products containing lupin on the European market has been multiplied by three during the last 10 years. Ingredients  from lupin are surfing the wave of vegetable proteins and 2014 is shaping up as a particularly promising year.

With each a quarter of product launches, the Netherlands and Germany remain the most dynamic markets followed  by Italy and France with respectively 15% and 10% of total launches.

Cookies, pastries and bread-baking are the most active users with 46% of the new products. Two other sectors stand out: pasta, including gluten free, which has almost multiplied by 10 the number of references to 2013 and meat substitutes multiplied by 2.5.

Source MINTEL GNPD October 2014

Toasted lupin flour, lupin protein are reliable ingredients to accompany you in your developments.

Latest trend : pasta with legumes


As everyone  knows, we do not consume enough legumes and protein of plant origin is too often neglected.

By adding  lupin in pasta you can improve their protein profile as lupin brings essential amino acids complementary to the ones of wheat. The fibre content is also improved.

Thanks to the incorporation of lupin flour you can also reduce the eggs up to 25% or propose an alternative of gluten-free pasta while preserving the texture and taste.

Just the pleasure of tasting delicious pasta!

Contact us to get our tagliatelle recipes!

Protein- Rich breakfast

Céréales petit déjeuner

An American study conducted by the University of Missouri showed that consumption of protein at breakfast would promote the feeling of satiety and thereby limit the intake of calories at lunch.

This study conducted on a group of women from 18 to 55 years including a part has received a standard breakfast and the other a high-protein breakfast reveals that women who ate protein-rich breakfast felt less hunger in the morning and consumed fewer calories at lunch. 

In a context of significant consumption of protein in the USA this study shows the interest to take a balanced breakfast without neglecting the protein intake.

Source : Protein-rich breakfast helps to curb appetite throughout the morning, scientists find

Commission Innovation 2030

Vegetable proteins and chemistry of the plant among the 7 strategic sectors of technological and industrial innovations by 2030 for France.

The French committee "Innovation 2030" submitted its report to the French President.

The report defines seven strategic sectors of technological and industrial innovations for France by 2030. Vegetable proteins and plant chemistry are part of this list.

Anne Lauvergeon, chairwoman of the Innovation 2030 Committee explains: "in a world of nine billion people, in order to " feed them all in a liveable planet (...), we'll all have to eat  a little more vegetable protein '.» France is "tremendously placed" through the "force of its agriculture," its agri-food industry and its culinary innovation. ».

Lup'Ingredients will of course be part of this approach.

Certification FSSC 22000

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Lup'Ingredients is now certified FSSC 22000.

Food safety is our priority!