R&D - Services

Development and optimization of formulations

Our R&D service advises you and follows you in your formulation projects (classic or nutritional products). Equipped with a bread making lab, we offer to produce essays to follow you in the development of new products and to renovate your recepies using ingredients from the Lup'Ingredients' range.

We participate in working groups  in the region, the whole of France, and in Europe. This allows us to always get better in terms of lupin knowledge and its environment.

Recherche - farine lupin


We participate in the European project LUPICARP ( Innovative functional foods from sweet lupin for cardiovascular prevention)


  • Member of the competitivety pole VALORIAL
  • Participation in the Pays de la Loire region R&D Agro club
  • Member of the GEPV (Groupe d'Etude et de Promotion des Protéines Végétales)

Last but not least, our European distribution network allows us to get better in our product expertise, to follow the food consumption tendencies by way of innovative solutions for tomorrow.